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Installtion of SD 5.0 Terminates

Gary Stevens_2
Valued Contributor.

Installtion of SD 5.0 Terminates

When we are attempting to install SD 5.0 we the installation temrminates with the following error message.

Failure installing : package HPOvCdmSv 2.00.502 (HP OpenView Core Data Model Server)

Can someone point me as to what we need to do? Thanks.

I am also attaching and HTML doc that has the log information as to what was successful and what did not succed.
Saurabh Dubey
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Installtion of SD 5.0 Terminates

Hi Gary,

Have you read through the Manual correctly?? I ran into a similar issue at first but rectified it when did the following:

The prerequisites for an installation on a Windows platform are as
If you are installing the Service Desk Management Server on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server or a Windows 2003 Advanced Server, you must disable the Use Temporary Folders checkbox in the Terminal Services Installing a Service Desk Management Server configuration screen. To access this screen, select Startâ Settingsâ Control Panelâ Administrative Toolsâ Terminal

THis is on Page 75-76 of Installation Manual.

Hope this helps...


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Gary Stevens_2
Valued Contributor.

Re: Installtion of SD 5.0 Terminates

The install went better however we now get the error below. I will also post as a different thread.

Hp OVCMMO 1.00.610 has failed.