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Installing sp 22 in a Win2003 OS

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Installing sp 22 in a Win2003 OS

Hi there,
We´re on HP SD 4.5 and we want to install the SP 22, but, at the install.txt file, WIN2003 is not mentioned. Will we need an extra fix ?

Description of sp22
Patch Name: SDSK_00108

Patch Description: intelNT 4.00 OV SDSK4.5 Service Pack 22

Creation Date: 07/02/12

Post Date: 07/02/13

Hardware Platforms - OS Releases:
intelWIN98: 1.00
intelNT: 4.00
intelWIN2000: 1.00
intelWINXP: 1.00
PS.: To install the HP SD 4.5 we´ve already needed to install a fix because the OS is WIN2003

Oscar U Diaz
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Re: Installing sp 22 in a Win2003 OS

Hello fep,

You can upgrade SD on Win 2003 to SP22 without problems, althoug not mentioned this OS in the install.txt
I recommend you do it first in a development environment and prove that the current configuration does not change when you update the SP22.