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Installation on Windows Server 2003 Standard

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Andrew Berrak
Acclaimed Contributor

Installation on Windows Server 2003 Standard

Hi, people

My first post here.... I have been tasked with upgrading an ageing server rack and have gotten a few HP ProLiant DL 380's. They have Win Server 2003 Standard now, and I get an error when I try to set up the customers Openview Service Desk 4.5, using their original installation media.

The message is quite short and just says that the operating system is not adequate for the server installation part....

So what now? Do I have to revert back to Windows 2000 Advanced, or is it a way aroun this problem??

I know I could probably get the info from support, but they are not open until monday at my location, and have to wait even a few more days as my local support only log the case to some central unit...

Regards and all assistance appreciated,
Chris Bailey_3
Honored Contributor

Re: Installation on Windows Server 2003 Standard


There is a patch specifically for installing on Windows 2003 Server. I've attached the patch, or you can search for SDSK_00036 in the patch database if you like.

Hope that helps.


Re: Installation on Windows Server 2003 Standard


As mentioned by chris find the patch and download the same...but firslty dump the SD 4.5 in your hard disk and replace the msi with the new one and then go for the installation...

Michael Lutfi
Frequent Visitor

Re: Installation on Windows Server 2003 Standard

The patch also applies for the ServicePages installation you will need to replace the installation file for that as well...
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event