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Installation SP3 OVSD 5.1

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Installation SP3 OVSD 5.1


We are preparing to install the OVSD 5.1 SP3 in our live environment: OVSD 5.0 Patch 2 under Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2000 SP3.

We need to have some advice and to know if some one else has installed the update and if there are any problem during the installation or after.

Best regards.
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Re: Installation SP3 OVSD 5.1

Hey lahvav,

SP3 was the FIRST patch that did not completely hose our system. Before performing the upgrade though I'd ask three questions....

1) Do we experience issues that SP3 addresses?
2) Do we have customizations that were made outside the usual interface?
3) Can we take an image of our servers to restore to.

Re: Installation SP3 OVSD 5.1

We have OVSD 5.1 SP3 in live environment for some time now and have no serious problems except that table export to excel doesnt work right (fixed in sp4).

I recomend you upgrade to sp3 because it is more stable and future upgrades would be much easyer (less bugs :) )

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