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Install instant-on license stalls

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Occasional Contributor

Install instant-on license stalls

Hi all...I am installing HP Openview service desk 5.10.028 as a clean install. The installation goes fine until I get to the 37th package which is the 'Install instant-on license'. I have reinstalled the OS on this server three times now to ensure that there's no corruption but when I get to 37/60 packages everything halts. Any help would be appreciated with this problem.
Thanks in advance and best regards!
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Re: Install instant-on license stalls


I see that you are still having issues with the installation.

previously I remember that you were using MS SQL 2005, are you still using that DB version?

Check the Installation Guide requisites, I do not think that version 5.10.028 supports MS SQL 2005.

MS SQL 2005 is supported after SD5.1 Patch1 (05.10.066).

Maybe this is why the installation is failing?

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
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Re: Install instant-on license stalls

You are correct! I just got off the phone with a technician from HP and he confirms this. I did get Openview installed fully prior to the tech calling me however, I have been unable to connect to the console and he believes it's because of the SQL 2005. The options he gave me were to use another version of SQL or to install patch 7. Using another version of SQL will not be possible so I am installing the patch. The tech believes that while SQL 2005 is not compatiable, the patch should resolve the issue. Keep your fingers crossed............
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Re: Install instant-on license stalls

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event