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Inherit folder permissions

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Dan Berglin
New Member.

Inherit folder permissions

Hi, do you know any way to stop inherit of role permissions between folders?

We want to give a role permission to edit a field in a folder. However, when we give that permission, by checking modify in a new role, they get permission to write all fields as in their home folder.

Fig 1. Our Folder structure:
Org1 - Transit - Org2

Current role permission setup (and what we want) (folders as in fig.1):
Write X-field - Write Y-field - Hide

Result (folders as in fig.1):
Write X-field - Write X+Y-fields - Hide

Kind regards,
Dan Berglin
Mike Bush
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Inherit folder permissions

Sorry, this is either what you call a "bug" or "lack of facility"

The FIELD level controls are applied across all FOLDERS, you cannot say "READ in FOLDER 1" whilst granting "WRITE in FOLDER 2", the "stronger" permission is inherited for all folders.