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Inbound emails from unknown addresses

Tom Grieve
Trusted Contributor.

Inbound emails from unknown addresses

We have a number of different avenues for users to email through to HPSD, which in turn raise a service call.

However, if the email is from an unknown address, all that happens is an email is sent to the person stating that their address is not known and we need to look through the server log files to find what was sent.

Does anyone know how to configure HPSD to automatically fill the caller if the address is unknwon, but for those it doesn't, to raise a call with a different caller?

Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Inbound emails from unknown addresses

Hi Tom,

when you say that the address is unknown do you mean that the user has a person reocrd but no e-mail address listed or do you meant that they are sending from different e-mail domains?