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Inbound e-mail and MS Exchange 2000


Inbound e-mail and MS Exchange 2000

I am trying to integrate our Ms Exchange 2000 system and ServiceDesk 4.0 mail. Outbound mail works perfectly. All outbound mail is sent to our exchange server which delivers it to recipients without any problem. The problem is inbound mail. I have configured Exchange SMPT connector for servicedesk domain and set all mail for servicedesk domain to be forwarded to servicedesk smtp server. When message for servicedesk domain arrives smtp connector establish connection with servicedesk smpt but delivering takes very long, sometimes more than 30 minutes. When servicedesk finaly recives a message it is not deleted in exchange queue and process starts again and again... until I delete message from the queue. Sometimes following errors are logged in logserver.txt
06/03/2002 10:03:13
at com/hp/ifc/net/smtp/AppMIMEInputStream$
at com/hp/ifc/net/smtp/AppMIMEInputStream.fill
at com/hp/ifc/net/smtp/AppMIMEInputStream.getUnfoldedLine
at com/hp/ifc/net/smtp/AppMIMEInputStream.handleHeader
at com/hp/ifc/net/smtp/AppMIMEInputStream.readData
at com/hp/ifc/net/smtp/AppSmtpRequestHandler.process
at com/hp/ifc/net/tcp/AppTcpConnection.processRequest
at com/hp/ifc/net/tcp/
I checked servicedesk smtp using Outlook Express to directly send mail to servicedesk SMPT. In this case everything works fine. Message is processed almost immediately. When I applied SD SP1 nothing changed.
Igor Barinov
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Inbound e-mail and MS Exchange 2000

Hi Enes!
I am may be a bit late, but i get the same problem today w/other mail server, but the same symptoms.

Then u send thru Outlook using dns name of application server everything ok, but then thru mail system (lotus domino or cgp in my enviroment) its going very slow till error from smtp server and in log of application:

Ð¡Ñ , 02/11/2005 15:25:08 at$ Source)at com.hp.ifc.util.AppBase64.decode(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source)

Half or even less of attachments adds to servicecall and the last one is broken..

The problem was what after change from one switch to another we didnt check a duplex status - it was half/duplex on cisco and full/auto on application server. Then we synchronize their state - everything goes fine.

Hope thats will help someone (after i typed at com/hp/ifc/net/smtp/AppMIMEInputStream$ in i understood what i not one in universe - but there was only one Q w/out answer )
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event