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Importing telephone numbers in to person record

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Nick Brace
Occasional Visitor

Importing telephone numbers in to person record

Morning all,

(running SD4.0 sp2)

I am running a data exchange to import a number of person records and have the need to add up to four phone numbers for each person
business, mobile, home, fax. My XML file is generated fine and I need to complete the import mapping correctly. As I have seen in other posts on this forum but none seem to confirm how I should go about this task. If I open the "default person" template there is a "telephone" field and a "telephone number" field. If I open the telephone number field it seems to open another template that asks me to relate values to the different categories of phone number. I have set these values to the names I have generated in my xml file. Once this is done the "telephone" field is automatically populated with a "yes" value.

This is most confusing,

Can anybody tell me how to complete this task. (As usual the data exchange guide is about as good as a chocolate fire guard)
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Jennifer Knieri
Occasional Visitor

Re: Importing telephone numbers in to person record


For multiple telephones, use the "Telephone" item when you set up the import. Use a field to mark which type of phone you are using, a field to enter the actual phone number and a field to associate the phone with the right person by using a unique person field. I've created a screen shot for you (attached) as to how ours has been set up to do what you are asking. Hope that answers your question, if not, let me know.


(Actually ours is slightly different in that we use separate classes for each phone type because our source file is set up that way, but you get the idea.)
Martine Ariese
Honored Contributor

Re: Importing telephone numbers in to person record

Use multiple classes, 1 per telephone type.

If you want persons to have only 1 mobile, 1 fax and 1 home number registered, make phone_type in combination with person_id the unique key.

The primary phone number (read only field for item Person) will only be updated when a new primary number is inserted in the database (new record added), not when an existing record is updated. Therefore, use phone_type, person_id and phone_number as your unique key.

Nick Brace
Occasional Visitor

Re: Importing telephone numbers in to person record


Thanks very much you have solved my problem. I was foolishly trying to import phone numbers as an attribute of a person record & not as entities in their own right. Have a stack of points both of you. Maybe HP should revisist their documentation?
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Super Collector

Re: Importing telephone numbers in to person record

I am just tryiny to import one primary number per person. Do I need to use the primary telephone field to do this. How will I associate it with the Person record.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event