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Importing Service Desk Date field in SD 5.0

Jacqueline Godb
Occasional Contributor

Importing Service Desk Date field in SD 5.0


I am exporting, then importing data from a Radia source. One of the fields is a date field. I have created all the required custom fields, including the date field with the format 'date'. The date field in Radia is in the format of dd-mmm-yyyy, time, ie: 19-Jun-2006 06:25:28 PM.
When I import it into Service Desk, the date field is empty.

Although, if I create a custom field for date as a text, it does import it, but doesn't carry the time.

In Radia, the field is declared as date.

Can you help?


PS. I have attached the ini file
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event