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Importing Roles and updating the person record

Mahmood Khan_1

Importing Roles and updating the person record

I want to do the following using ECW using one import file
1. Assign a role to a user
2. Link the person record with the account

I have the searchcode , user name and role in the file , what templates do I use. I already have a template from which I created the accounts.
I have a mapping with two items
1. First Item with template is "Roles per Account" setting the Role with ref to name (ConfigUser), Account (user name ref to Login Name)
2. Second Item with template "Person" , username , field "Account" ref to loginname , searchcode , field searchcode.

It is failing - what am I missing here ?
Attaching the ROLES.ini file for any ref.
Your help is appreciated

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event