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Importing CI's - Basic Question

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Importing CI's - Basic Question


Firsly want to say thanks to a great Forum.
Iv performed a search but could really find the solution to my problem.

Bascially, i have an excel spreadsheet (attached). It contains CI's for our workstations. There is obviously hundreds more.

I just want to edit the spreadsheet by adding in the rest then want to import back to SD.

what is the simplist way to do this?

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Re: Importing CI's - Basic Question

you can use dataexchange import function to map these CI and then import into CMDB.

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Re: Importing CI's - Basic Question


Iv created a Mapping in DataExchange.

Attached is how it looks. I also created an import job and also converted the xls file to an xml file.

In the Import job i have selected the newly created XML file and the Import mapping.

I ran the mapping and it said it has been completeded with no errors, but when i check the CI, the items are not imported.

Is there anything i need to do in the mappings. Attached is a screenshot.

Do i need to modify/add field mappins in the mappings screen?

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Re: Importing CI's - Basic Question

A the property field you must place the exact name of the attributes at your xml file.

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Re: Importing CI's - Basic Question


For your first attachment (Excel), I have few suggestions.
You have to avoid spaces in between the column names, for all the excel sheets which will be used for SD export.
Better to mention the column names in upper case.
Specific to this case, you must have Location 'OFFICE' and Category 'Dell GX 520' already defined/created in OVSD, because these are reference items to a CI record.

For import mapping,
The import mapping name should match the name of the application defined in the export settings.
You should map each attributed which has been exported from excel to XML, to a predefined attribute of the CI.
Mark at leasr one attribute (preferably search code) as Unique.

To troubleshoot your specific problem, please attach the exported XML file and the import log file..

Hope this helps,