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Import persons with relation to workgroup

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Import persons with relation to workgroup


I need to import persons and relate them to existing workgroups.

I have SD45 sp37. I remember that for elder service packs there was Member template, where i could relate person to workgroup. But i can't find it in sp37.

So how can i link persons to workgroups during import data?

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Re: Import persons with relation to workgroup

Hi Denis_35,


You're referring to field called Members;Workgroup in a Person template for an import mapping.


If you know the target Workgroup;Searchcode already - i.e., these are values in the source XML file, then you can map the XML PROPERTY NAME for Workgroup to Members;Workgroup (a reference to item "Search code").

I guess this only works for 1 workgroup per person.


If you have many-many relations between persons and workgroups, then you need to import as follows: Check out the attached "Demo2" example, which builds on the OOB demo_excel example.

Here Persons and Workgroups are imported first, and on page 21 the relation between Person;Searchcode and Workgroup;Searchcode is imported as a separate step.




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Re: Import persons with relation to workgroup

Mapping Workgroup to Person via Members;Workgroup - it doesn't work, i always get warning "warning: com/hp/ifc/wf/AppEntitySet while processing attribute WG_SEARCHCODE". Person is imported properly, but doesn't link to workgroup.


I found Member item (it wasn't easy because of localisation :) ) Via this item it is possible to relate person to workgroup.

But here is one issue - import mapping should be created at once with Person item and Member item. In this case import will be successfull. But if i get mapping with Person item and change it - add Member item in it, i get error "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException warning: fatal_error occurred while processing per2wg.xml_1.xml".

I tested it on 3 SDs 4.5 with diffrent SPs.