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Import mapping in SD 4.5

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Bob Bob Bob
Occasional Advisor

Import mapping in SD 4.5


any suggestions how to import M:N fields via import mapping?
At this moment I have XML file from which i import person to ConfigItem field named "owner" (there is only one owner per CI). This works fine.

But now I need to add the same person also to CI users` list. I tried to map it within the same class, saying - map "person" to "owner" and map "person" to "users". This will import only the "owner" but not the "users".

Vasily Kamenev
Honored Contributor

Re: Import mapping in SD 4.5

In Import Mapping use Template "CIUser", in Template set the property names for User and Person, this two field must be Unique.

Dan Ioan
Frequent Visitor

Re: Import mapping in SD 4.5

Hi Bob,

You can also use a DB rule to set CI user same with CI owner. There is an advantage of this approach during daily changes regarding new CIs allocated to your end-users. You have to relate only the owner of CIs and associated DB rule will create CI user relation automatically. The disadvantage, in both cases is: when an owner has been changed, you have to manually unrelate previously related user.
Hope this helps you a little.

Best regards,

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event