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Import map - AD field to Time Zone

WDSGlobal Group
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Import map - AD field to Time Zone

Hi all,

I have a scheduled series of batch files that export chunks of our Active Directory users to XML files, and then have an Import Mapping setup to bring the users into Service Desk. Generally this works well and I can capture the basic user information. However, I am trying to set the Person record's Time Zone based on an AD LDAP field (physicalDeliveryOfficeName, or Office) and this doesn't seem to be working correctly.

The same AD field is used to select from a series of Codes which reflects which OU they were imported from. This mapping of the "physicalDeliveryOfficeName" field in AD to the code list works fine.

However defining a similar set of mappings, using the same AD/XML input, for Time Zones doesn't seem to work. The Person's Time Zone remains empty.

Has anyone else been able to map an AD field to a Time Zone? I really can't see why a list of Time Zones should behave differently to a code list.
WDSGlobal Group
Occasional Contributor

Re: Import map - AD field to Time Zone

I should point out we are running Service Desk 5.1, with Patch 8.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event