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Import german/polish text into SD fields & time difference in emails

Durga Srinivas
Regular Collector

Import german/polish text into SD fields & time difference in emails

Hi All,

1) We need to import the polish/german text into some of the service desk fields. We have defined a ini file for extracting the data from the input file (excel sheet which contains polish/german text) . When we run the data exchange tool using the ini file , the polish/german characters are getting converted into some strange characters. Can somebody please let me know on whether i need to do some settings in the data exchange tool so that the polish/german text does not gets converted into special characters during data extraction?

2) We have service desk running in UK, based on some scenario we need to send emails to people(these people have service desk accounts including person records but operating in other parts of europe such as poland using folder mechanism) in other countries such as poland. When the service desk sends an email (when the scenario occurs), the email shows a time difference of one hour which is creating a confusing for the users in poland. Can you please let me know whether any settings are required to make sure there is no time difference in the email?

we have SD 4.5 with SP 16.

Many Thanks
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event