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Import Mapping key binding field

Regular Collector

Import Mapping key binding field

I defined an import mapping in SD such that the source id field (of service call table) to be the key binding field. However, we have an issue where sometimes two servicecalls are created with the same source id value. The servicecall functional ID that was created is very close to each other, for example 5534321 and 5534322.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue or if there's a patch for it?

My system: SD 4.0 SP4.

The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: Import Mapping key binding field

AFAIK, the Source ID field is simply a text field, which means whatever value is there is imported from an external source and not generated by Service Desk... the question becomes: where do your Source IDs come from? what are they mapped to? how are they generated in the source system?

Points are welcome.

The Pike
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