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Import Mapping in Service Desk 5 SP1

Super Collector

Import Mapping in Service Desk 5 SP1

Hi to ALL!
Export from Excell.
In 4,5 - no problem, subj is working. But in 5.0 - mapping Person to Organization - wich "Reference To" attribut of Organization in Person object i need to use? I have common data in attributs of Person and Organization is named "Department ID" and have 76875635378 format. How can I put Person under Organization?

Re: Import Mapping in Service Desk 5 SP1

The person object changed in SD 5.1 to introduce the concept of a "party" that can be a person or organization. Use the person search code as a reference then match your external searchcode attribute to the internal searchcode referenced. I've attached a snapshot of what this looks like.
This example attaches a person to a workgroup - a similar approach should work for organizations.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event