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Import Location in Service Desk

Joakim Balevski
Occasional Advisor

Import Location in Service Desk

Hi All

I have parent-child location in Service Desk. Parent Locations are unique - Building, but the child (category - Room) are not. When Import data from excel sheet - there more then one item with this search code and I can't import them.
Is it possible to recognize its Parent Location and to import data or I have to use only unique locations?

Best Regards
Mike Bush
Honored Contributor

Re: Import Location in Service Desk

I believe you will be able to import as you want if you tick BOTH the parent and the child as "this field is used for key binding".

I might however prefer to have my location names unique, don't forget that only the "terminal" part will be shown once the loc is in use and just seeing "ROOM 47" might not be enough.
Andrew Dale
Frequent Visitor

Re: Import Location in Service Desk


I think you can do this if you enter the rooms manually (ie it will allow you to create duplicate rooms with the same search code). Therefore you will have two "room 2" records that you can relate to building 1 and building 2, the only problem is the relation will also have to be done manually.

This may be a nightmare to maintain though.

In order for you to import these rooms you will have to specify a unique search code for each room, such as "Building_1 _Room_1" or some code of a similar format.

Hope this helps.

Regular Collector

Re: Import Location in Service Desk


In hpsd, we have countries, sites, buildings, floors, rooms.

For example:
there is a country, "Fance"
there is a site, "Paris"
there is a building, "A"
in the building "A", there are two floors, 1 and 2
in the building "A", on the first floor, there are three rooms, 101, 102 and 103
in the building "A", on the second floor, there are two rooms 201 and 202

The HPSD hierarchy is :

a country "France"
a site "France/Paris"
a building "France/Paris/A"
a floor "France/Paris/A/1"
a room "France/Paris/A/1/101"
a room "France/Paris/A/1/102"
a room "France/Paris/A/1/103"
a building "France/Paris/B"
a floor "France/Paris/A/2"
a room "France/Paris/A/2/201"
a room "France/Paris/A/2/202"


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event