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Implementing Holiday Calendar

Anthony Dalferr
Honored Contributor.

Implementing Holiday Calendar

My organization wants to start implementing holiday's in Service Desk. How would I do this? Will I have to create a holiday calendar and assign it to each of the workgroups or is there a way to use it for all workgroups.
Gerry Allardice
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Re: Implementing Holiday Calendar

Holidays can be used in two places.
1. For SLA calculations ie determining Deadline they are entered in System Admin under Data/Codes/General/Codes/FREE DAYS
Dates entered here will not be counted as SLA accountable time. This is probably the one you one.

2. The other place they can be entered is under Workgroup/Codes/HolidayS?
These are sets of holidays that can be associated with a particular Workgroup and can be used in calculation of Planned Finish. e.g. you know the start and duration, the finish is determined based on the Workgroups opening hours and holidays.