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ITIL Implementation

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ITIL Implementation

We are an Opensource IT Service Organization. We customize opensource products and provide business solutions to our customers. We are trying to implement ITIL now after 2 years of R&D & Learning process still we lack clarity on the ITIL basics because all the materials downloaded from web talk theory and not related to implementation process(what, How & When) for IT Service Organization.

We have a basic question

Will ITIL help our organization to grow if yes then how?

Any comments

Thanks in advance
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: ITIL Implementation


ITIL will help add structure to your processes. It is a service management framework - not a business development framework.

You can use it to structure how you provide managed services to customers (if this is your aim) however you still need to have products to sell.

If you still do not have a full understanding on ho wit can help youmay need to look for experienced people in ITIL with skills and eferences that they can demonstrate to help you either contractors, consultants or hire people with the skills.