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Smitha Sajeev
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Hp Openview Servicedesk

How to send Organization's Address details and Telephone Number through E-mail from Hp Openview Sevicedesk? I'm not able to find the address details field in the insert field. Can I send secondary Telephone Number also? If possible how to send the secondary telephone number?
Saurabh Dubey
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Re: Hp Openview Servicedesk

Hi Viral,

There are two ways you can try to do this:

1. You can try the old "Type text by hand" trick - Identify the Field names and type the full field name (as you expect it to be) manually in the email body. But this may or may not work.

2. You can use the remark field to copy the address details and then paste that field's contents.

I know both are near workarounds, but hope this works...


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