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Howto Convert sp account to application account

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Lynn Osburn
Occasional Contributor

Howto Convert sp account to application account

We have some SP users who have been promoted and now need to be able to approve changes.
How do I convert their account to a concurrent user?

I have tried to block the SP account, create a new concurrent user account, and associate the Person record with the new concurrent user account, and that allows the person to login to full client, but we prefer to have that person only use the approval page, and we find that person can no longer login to SP nor the Approval page.

Removing the SP account is undesirable, since we lose all the SC history associated with the account.

Thanks, -Lynn
Gerry Allardice
Honored Contributor

Re: Howto Convert sp account to application account

Voting for approvals via the Web interface can be done with an sp account. In my experience there is no requirement for a concurrent user account. If you do create a concurrent account then you need to give it the SP User role if its to be allowed to use the Service Pages
Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: Howto Convert sp account to application account

Hi there,

I think Gerry's point can only refer to approvals on service calls as a SP account can only see those. If you are using Changes or work orders I think you will need to use a full concurrent user.

If you want these people only to see the approval, I think you should experiment with setting up a specific role for them.

As regards the history, you should be able to block the SP account rather than remove it.

Hope this helps

Jasper Verweij
Honored Contributor

Re: Howto Convert sp account to application account

Hi Lynn,

The unsupported way is the following:
all accounts are stored in REP_ACCOUNTS.
A sp account has ACC_SUBTYPE=281481481158664 and ACC_NAMEDUSER=1

An application account has ACC_SUBTYPE=281481481158663 and depending on license and type of users one of the columns ACC_NAMEDUSER, ACC_CONCURRENTUSER or ACC_INTEGRATIONSACCOUNT has value 1 (and other 2 the value 0)

With an update SQL statement you could change the sp account to application. After the update statement you need to change the role per account (unlink from servicepages role!!!). You don't need to change the account at Persons level, because the OID of the account remains the same!

This should work,


Lynn Osburn
Occasional Contributor

Re: Howto Convert sp account to application account

Jasper, that's great, and I'll give it a try. It is better than the supported method, which is to rename the SP account login and block it, then create new concurrent user account with the user's old login name, then associate the Person with the new login.
Their method loses the association between the Person so that person's history "disappears".

Your method seems like it would prevent that. I am anxious to try it.
Thank you!
Frequent Visitor

Re: Howto Convert sp account to application account

HI Jasper,

I changed the acc_subtype for some of the users to make them application account and marked them as concurrent user in the rep_accounts table...

However, now when I try to login to the service pages with that account, its not allowing it.. i have tried to uncheck and check the "service page" role as well.

Anything that I might be missing out ?

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