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How to use Analysed Data

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How to use Analysed Data

I m workin on SD4.5 and sp14, can any1 explain me in brief how to use analysed data.
I hv done a simple thing like to analysed data for service call..but nothing reflects.

George M. Meneg
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Re: How to use Analysed Data


In order to use "Analysed Data" you must enable the views. Go to System Panel/Report Settings and enable the type of reports that you want to use. These are

1) Assignment Time
This reports presents time spent in each assignee of the item
2) Passed on By
This reports presents the persons the item have passed on by
3) Pickup time
Presents the time from "Registration" of an item to it's "In progress" (meaning that is accepted from the second level)
4) Solution Time
Presents the time from "In Progress" of an item to its Completion
5) Solved by
Presents the solvers of the items
6) Status Time
Present the time spent on each status
7) Total work time
Presents time from registration to closing.

If you check "Enable 'On Save' Refresh, these views are updated dynamically every time an item changes. If you prefer to update these reports manualy, you can do this by pressing "refresh analyzed data..." and select the date range. Note, that this can be a lengthy process.

The first time you do this (or if you want to regenerate) you press the "(Re)generate views for reporting" button.
menes fhtagn
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Re: How to use Analysed Data

thanks mark...
i ll check it n get u back