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How to set a new FORM as default form

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How to set a new FORM as default form

I have designed a new form under Presenataion, forma--->Problem, now how to set this as default form.

many many thanks in advance.
Ruth Porter
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Re: How to set a new FORM as default form

Hi there,

To set a default form for everyone except system administrators, you need to amned the roles to have it as the default form. Open the relevant role and select the item type and press the Advanced button. Select the Forms tab and relate your form, then highligyt and press Set as Default.

Users with the system admin role (which is read-only) will need to choose their default by:
Ctrl+O, select the form and check the Default box at the bottom left.

Hope this helps, Ruth
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Re: How to set a new FORM as default form

Thanks a lot,
Ruth can you help/guide me.
My companys requirement is to create service Desk Knowledge Base forum.
That too in SD Console.
requirement is like this:
1 Create a new Group in SD Console as SD Knowlwdge Base.
2 under it add work spaces like Operations, NOC,sales,HP,etc

3 the create / design a form for these all work spaces.

4 if any one wants to upload data or info her...
he can open as new...
put Descrption for example Printer Issue,Network issue,etc..
the In solution , will be provided step by step procedure.
they do not want to use FAQ or FAq groups..

Can you give me some idea how I can devlop this all.

Fayaz Ahmad.