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How to redirect the UserFolder in SD 5.1?

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How to redirect the UserFolder in SD 5.1?


We are upgrading to 5.1 after 2 years of running 4.5 and now we have a delicate problem that one of you guy's might have an answer to.

This is the background:
We are making a NAL Object ( Novell Zenworks) to distribute the client to the users. And like in SD 4.5, we want the users SD profile to point to the users home directory on the fileserver.

In SD 4.5 this setting is located in this directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Hewlett-Packard\OpenView\Service Desk - and the filename "user_settings.xml"
And by editing the line below you could make these settings point to H:\ instead of pointing to the local computer.
H:\Application Data\Hewlett-Packard\OpenView\Service Desk\

Now to the problem...
In SD5.1 we cannot find where to set this user directory/folder anywhere, and one of you might know how to do this...

During installation of the client you can set the install dir and the application data dir, no worries there.
We run the client settings app and sure enough, install folder and data folder are there but also the illusive user folder which is the one we would like to redirect.
It is now poiting to C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\HP OpenView

We found in the "SD_Differences_Guide.en.pdf " on page 41 that you should be able to use: ovconsole.bat -Duser.home=
...this syntax/parameter does not seem to work.

Seems lika a simpel Q but it is not so after having SD consultance without answer involved in this problem.
We have read the documentation over and over again and could not find any answer either.

Anyone out there having an answer to solve this will have full points of course.

Many thanks in advance

Uffe Ringblom - Incident Manager ITIL / ITSM
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Re: How to redirect the UserFolder in SD 5.1?


We had to open a call with HP when we used 5.0. But I think with 5.1 it works still the same.

Here is what HP wrote to us:

The user folder can be specified using the -Duser.home parameter.

To set the user folder:

Right click on the Edit Client Settings shortcut and select Properties.
Add -Duser.home="" to the Target.
E.g. I used -Duser.home="G:\temp\ServiceDesk\Service Desk 5 Profile Data"

Now start Edit Client Settings.
This should show the new user folder, e.g.
G:\Tem\ServiceDesk\Service Desk 5 Profile Data\Application Data\HP OpenView
Specify an account and close Edit Client Settings.

Update the "HP OpenView Console" shortcut just like the Edit Client Settings shortcut.
The HP OpenView Console will now use the folder specified by the -Duser.home parameter to store
settings and cache files.

I'm not really sure if this really helps.

But maybe this. In our ovconsole command line we use the following parameter "set UserDataPath="

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Re: How to redirect the UserFolder in SD 5.1?

By ignoring the internal parsing of arguments in ovconsole.bat you can get -Duser.home to work and at the same time point to a specific host. Use the following syntax:
ovconsole.bat -DServer=hostname -Duser.home=h:\

It's enough with just the path for the homedir itself, the client automatically appends \Application Data\HP OpenView\ and so on.

To avoid the certificate popup you need to distribute the Keystore-file:
\Application Data\HP OpenView\data\guifw\ov_usr_ks.dat to the users directory prior to starting the client for the first time.

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Re: How to redirect the UserFolder in SD 5.1?