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How to limit relating CI's

Geert Van Riet
Regular Contributor.

How to limit relating CI's


Currently in SD4.5 we are looking for a way to limit users in creating relations between CI's. We created a model of what type of CI's can be connected to what and now we want to put restrictions in SD so people cannot link any CI type to any other CI type.
Is there any way to do this? We thought of putting some restrictions in the advanced find window you get when clicking 'Relate...' on the form 'Child CI' but it looks like you cannot customise anything in this.

Can anyone help me on this? Does anyone know if it will be solved in some upcoming service pack or in release 5.1 of SD ??

David Borojevic
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: How to limit relating CI's

Hi Geert,

I would doubt that this will ever be possible given the flexible nature of the CMDB. I would have thought that incorrect relations would be rarely created. Maybe it is a staff training issue - if you trust them to make CIs then trust them to relate them correctly?

If it is a problem then you could set up queries of the relations that you would deem incorrect and use the queries to audit periodically?

It might also be possible to create a busines rule to alert you when incorrect ones are done? But I haven't really thought that one through fully.