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How to install service for new SD application server?

Milan Karban
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How to install service for new SD application server?

Hi all,

I succesfully created second instance of OVSD 4.5 SP19 application server and when I try to start it from prompt with command:

sd_server.bat start "/settings=server_settings2.xml"

everything is OK and second instance is runnig.
Now I have problem when I try to start this instance as service. What changes to installservice.bat I have to do for this?

I tried to modify this file as:

sd_serverservice.exe -install "hp OpenView service desk 4.5 server 2" %JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll -XX:MaxNewSize=64M -XX:NewSize=64M -Xms200M -Xmx1000M -Djava.class.path="%SD_SERVERHOME%lib\classloader.jar" "-Duser.dir=%SD_SERVERHOME%\" -start "com.hp.startup.Bootstrap /settings=server_settings2.xml" -params com.hp.ifc.bus.AppServer -stop com.hp.startup.Bootstrap -method shutdown -params com.hp.ifc.bus.AppServer -current "%SD_SERVERHOME%\"

Service is successfully created, but when I try to start the service, it automatically stops. Following error is logged in event viewer of Win 2003 server: Could not find the service start class.

Does anybody have hint for me?


Milan K.
Sebastien Dupre
New Member.

Re: How to install service for new SD application server?

Hello Milan,

I have done the same thing last week (but did not try to optimize memory settings).

I guess you may also want to add a -XX:MaxNewSize=64M parameter, but it must have no link with your error message at startup.

I would recommend to try setting the JAVA_HOME system variable instead of specifying where to find the jvm.dll:
then after relogging to the system, you can retry the command by replacing the jvm.dll path by "DEFAULT".

The service should then heritate from the system variable at startup and may find the relevant classes.

I hope this can help.