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How to import Service Underpinned by relations?

Peter Dent
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How to import Service Underpinned by relations?


I want to import links to show which Underpinning Services actually underpin the Operations management services.

I have been trying to use the â Underpinning Service Relationâ entity to import the relationships.

In the import mapping I have been using the Name field of the services to relate them together.

However, when I run the import I get the following error for each relationship I try to import.

â Processing SERVTOSERV (id = 1)
Critical internal error during processing

while processing attribute TOSERV
While processing SERVTOSERV (id = 1):â

See attachment for view of import mapping.

Please can somebody explain what Iâ m doing wrong?

SD 4.5 SP17 by the way.