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How to gain OVSD 4.5 settings directly from DB?

Milan Karban
Respected Contributor.

How to gain OVSD 4.5 settings directly from DB?

Hi all,

we would like to create a something like procedure for us for quick export of some settings of our current OVSD 4.5 (SP19) installation to create an accurate documentation. We would like to use it everytime when we'll significantly change the OVSD settings or when we would like to check the settings.

Especially we would like to document:
- list of standard fields in named data entities (D.E.) with their settings;
- list of codes with its values;
- list of all standard and created custom fields in named D.E. with their settings and if they are activated or not;
- list of forms for named D.E. with mapping to standard fields and custom fields (to know, which fields are used in which forms);
- list of roles with its details;
- template settings;
- import mappings settings;
- etc.

So my question, does anybody have some SQL queries (or tool directly) that can provide to us to gain these data so we haven't to create it again and save some time?

Thank you very much,

Milan K.
George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: How to gain OVSD 4.5 settings directly from DB?

Hello Milan,

Queries about roles/templates/import mappings are quite complex. Have a start a these threads:
menes fhtagn