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How to delete the service call

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How to delete the service call

How to delete the service calls.For Eg. After deleting call number 100, The next new call should be 100. Not 101. If any one knows, Please help.

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Tim Schmitt_4
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Re: How to delete the service call

There is really no way to automatically make the next number 100 to replace the deleted item. Once a number is used by Service Desk, it is never automatically recycled even if the item is deleted.

Service Desk doesn't keep track of numbers it can use for a module. Instead, it keeps track of the next number in sequence and uses that number for any new items (IFC_SEQUENCES, I think). I would not recommend resetting the sequence number as a work around, as that could produce duplicate Service Calls numbers for subsequent items.

There's really no good way that I know of...