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How to automate import of Database Rules into SD

Goran Čapelnik
New Member.

How to automate import of Database Rules into SD


We will use SD as part of our application. Whenever we will install SD, we will also have to set up some Database rules. Because this will be part of the installation, it needs to be fully automated.

Is there a way to import database rules from command line? I am aware of sd_event. However I wouldn't like to set Import Mapping through SD aplication.

Thanks for help,
George M. Meneg
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Re: How to automate import of Database Rules into SD

Hello Goran,

Due to the nature of DB rules (encoded onjects) I highly doubpt that will be possible to export/import through data exchange. More simple things like generic relations are not possible to import/export through data exchange!

However it is possible to import DB rules through ACES export/import provided that:

1. All objects referenced in the db rule are present to the target
2. Rules category must be imported prior to rules themselves
3. Both source and target are at the same SP level

For automatic installation for multiple clients with same configuration it is prefered to create a "template environment" and export the whole DB and import to the target environment. Of course licenses should not be installed at the "template" environment.
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