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How to Create / Amend Relation Type?

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Peter Dent
Outstanding Contributor.

How to Create / Amend Relation Type?


I'm running SD 4.5 on SP17.

I'd like to create new and amend the existing Relation Types in the service Event Relation dialog box.

Can somebody tell me where the list of codes is kept?

See the attached JPG for an example of the relation types I am talking about. Its the one you get when you create relations for Problem records.

Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: How to Create / Amend Relation Type?

Hi Peter,

Go to Tools>System>Data>codes>General and select Service Event Relation type.

You could also set a default in a template; it is my opinion that no one really understands the distinction between the ones HP put in their initial DB, so I usually remove all but one and default it in a template - makes it simpler all round.

Hope this helps, Ruth

PS CI relation types are under Tools>System>Data>codes>Configuration Items
Peter Dent
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: How to Create / Amend Relation Type?


I don't belive it!

I must have looked for those codes about ten times, that was the first place I looked, being the most obvious and I couldn't see them!

Ah well you get the points anway. lol.