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How to Auto Format Views (To deadline)?

Caroline Kraaij
Super Collector

How to Auto Format Views (To deadline)?


How can I in SD4.5 SP22 use Auto Format to present Service calls as follows.

To deadline is less than 1 hours: bold and orange
Over deadline: bold and red
Other calls: no special format

I tried it in several ways, but I cannot get it working. One of the ways in which I tried it is in the attached file.

Can anybody please help out? Any hint is more than welcome!

Thanks very much in advance.

Kind regards,
Meine de Vries
Regular Collector

Re: How to Auto Format Views (To deadline)?

The rules in the attachment look fine to me. I have tried it and it works just fine.

You do not need the 3rd rule, and rule #2 could be just "To Deadline is less than 1:00".

Be aware that the rules are checked in the order specified, that's why they can moved up/down. As soon as a condition is found that matches the formatting is applied and subsequent formatting rules are ignored.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event