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How many "Person" type custom fields we create?

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How many "Person" type custom fields we create?

Hi Everyone,
I created a "person" type custom field in workorders. Now i need to create one more but i dont have the anymore "person" type field available with me.
Is there a limitation that i can create only one "person" type field?
If no, how can i create more "person" type fields?
Is there a concept a of global custom fields in SD, so that same field can be linked to incident, Service calls and workorders?
Waiting for a quick response. Thanx for all you guys for your support in advance.
George M. Meneg
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Re: How many "Person" type custom fields we create?


Prior to SP19 (where unlimited custom fields are introduced) there is one person custom field for each entity.

Also, there is a "global custom field" but this is limited to new custom code fields, introduced in SP20

In short, if you don't upgrade to SP19 you can't use another custom person field.

The only workaround I can think is either to use an existing person field on workorder (like initiator or requestor) or use a custom text field that will hold a person's searchcode.
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