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How can I add Affected Services

Yibin Li

How can I add Affected Services

I know the definition of Affected Services -- You can now open a list of all services that will be affected by an outage to the CIs in the Incident or Change record.

But I do not know how can I add some services into that tab. Any helps are appreciated, such like
1. What should I set up in CI
2. Any background processed are required running
3. Does outage time matter?

Thank you
Jacob Heubner
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: How can I add Affected Services

This was a good question, and I'm not sure I have the complete answer, but here's a start.

The Affected Services tab of an Incident or Change ticket is populated automatically by the system based on records in the cirelationship table.

In that table you can specify which Business Services are dependent upon each other and upon what other CIs comprise a Business Service, and under what circumstance the CI is considered to be Down.

So, it doesn't seem to be anything set up in the device table itself. The Relationships tab of the ICM.device.g form pulls its information from the relationship you specified in the cirelationship table.