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History information !!

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Vinay N
Outstanding Contributor.

History information !!

1)Everytime the call is saved, the timestamp is populated in the History with the information text ; Is it possible to populate only timestamp without the information text
( even if there are changes made to the information text )?
2) Does timestamp gets populated whenever a call is saved and closed without modifying any field of the call ?
Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: History information !!

Hi there,

When you save any record the details of when and who made the modification are in Registration;Modified and Registration;Modified by.

These can be used in rules and can be seen if you add the Registration box to the tab.

Hope this answers your query


PS it would be nice if you gave some points to people who answer your questions.
Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: History information !!


1) what is it you are looking to achieve. Is it a running diary of the updates made.

2) The timestamp should not update unles you make a change to at least 1 attribute either manually or buy rules.