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History data in email

Gail D
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History data in email

I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find any info.

I need a email that includes info when a CI field is changed, like: CI Status was changed from Active to Inactive.

I'm assuming the original data (status=Active) has have to come from the history field and to do that a sql statement will need to be written?

Is this correct or is there another way? I'm on 4.5 sp17.

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Re: History data in email

Try create DB Rule for CI:
when a value ha changed
Status=active (*) - evaluate this rule when this value has changed
send email, where is [Registration;Modified] data.

It must work)
The Pike
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Re: History data in email


The problem is History Line values cannot be manipulated via DB Rules, nor can you include sql statements as input for DB Rule actions.

To achieve this, I would use a new custom field to ensure the previous Status is still available for use when the CI is changed to a new Status.

Then, obviously use a DB Rule to send e-mail, and in the body of the e-mail, or even the Subject line, add something like:

Status changed from [Custom Field] to [Status] for [CI Name 1].

Hope that helps!
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The Pike