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History Tracking on Information field

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History Tracking on Information field

I am not sure this is a feature or an error.

If I open a SD ticket and add or subtract verbage to the Information field, and then save. I then open the ticket again, when I check the history field it does not show that I updated the ticket.

Is this "lack of tracking on the information field" how SD history tracking works?

Does anyone have a suggestion on how create a history record from an information field change?
Gyula Matics_1
Honored Contributor

Re: History Tracking on Information field

History is configurable in SD and it is generated whenever an audited field has changed.

To turn on auditing for the information field, go to system console/security/audit rules. Choose Service Call, then check the box next to Information, and press OK.

Re: History Tracking on Information field


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David Borojevic
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Re: History Tracking on Information field

Note also that if you choose to audit a large field like the Information field, the subject of the history item will not be able to show the complete new value and old values.

But you can modify the History form - add the New Value field and you can see the lot. The other benefit is if you move things around you can get it to stop disappearing just off the screen anyway.

See attachment.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event