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History BP


History BP

sm71-iia. Working with a new ChM form and I was looking at the way the iia form does history in the historic activities tab under the activities tab. It has a subformat of the activity.list form with an number.activity input. There is also a filter dropdown that does filtering of this list. If I'm looking at doing history of what happens with said change, is this the best way to do history? Any suggestions or better ideas?
Jacob Heubner
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Re: History BP

Changing things up by posting in a different forum? :P

The system's activities are probably going to be the best and easiest way to track a ticket's history. With just a little work, you can set the system to keep track of any field, and record any information about the ticket.

When you save a change ticket, it calls the sc.activity RAD application. That application checks the activityactions table, for the Update Activities defined on the cm3r table. It checks the Condition on the table (not the overall condition for the record) and determines which (if any) activity records will be generated.

Just consider what types of information you want to store. What conditions should trigger a history record? What information should be recorded in the history? The system will always store who performed the activity and the date/time of the activity... the rest is up to you to configure.
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Re: History BP

Hello Jacob,

would you please provide an example on how would i track the time and changes that have been made to the description of an interaction?

I also noticed that The history tb will only show the open time, the last update made, and the close time.

Can you please specify how can I expand this information, to show the details of any modification to the interaction record ?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event