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Help with User Notification & UI Rule logic

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Terry A. Moir
Outstanding Contributor.

Help with User Notification & UI Rule logic

I'm trying to automate a work order to be generated for creating a new CI, when a Change request is started with a blank CI field (ie: CI doesn't exist yet). I'm also trying to give some guidance to the user on the correct template to choose after the Work Order is generated.

I created a two UI rules as follows: 1)when a Change Status NE to 'Registered', and CI is empty, run User Notifiction message (Warning). Selecting Cancel returns the Initiator back to the Change to enter the CI (if it exists). Selecting OK continues and the second UI rule uses the same criteria, but the Action generates a smart Action to create a Work Order using sd_dataform. Fine so far.

Now I need to notify the user for the Work Order of the correct Template to use (can't select template using sd_dataform). So, I created a UI rule to generate another User Notification Action (Informational)after opening a new Work Order, when Change exists and Change CI is empty. It doesn't work. I suspect that the Change field on the Work Order form is not filled before this Work Order UI rule fires.

I can get it to work by creating yet another Work Order UI rule (preceeding the above rule)that sets a field when the form opens (using Registration Created exists), then adding that field to the conditions listed above.

Two questions:
1) Is there an easier way to accomplish my goal with less convoluted logic?
2) Is there a chance that the rules won't work due to delays in processing them (works ok in my dev environment, but unsure how it would work in full production)?

Ruth, care to chime in?

Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Help with User Notification & UI Rule logic

Hi Terry,

You could simplify things by just using sd_dataform on the first UI rule and have it use a form where there is a prominent text custom field which says

"1. Throw this WO away if it just that they have forgotten to put the CI in

2. Use template XXXXXX if you do want the WO."

Hope this helps

Terry A. Moir
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Help with User Notification & UI Rule logic

Good idea on using a new form for that purpose. Think I'll still use original idea at the Change (prevents using WO numbers as we generate ID's on creation), but use your idea to get around the template issue.

Thanks Ruth...Terry