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Hello everyone!

Stephen Wood fr
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Hello everyone!

Just to say Hello to one and all!

I am a new user / administrator / developer of Openview having had it just implemented last month by some really hard working guys both inside our organisation and by a third party consultant company (who worked even harder than us!). A testament to their skills and professionalism (and patience!!!) :) !

We are running HP Openview 5.1 SP2 and have now been live since 2 Apr 7. Everthing seems to be going swimmingly give or take a couple of teething problems (or should that be issues :) ) but we are getting there slowly but surely.

My skills are ASP / SQL / HTML and am now brushing up on Java for the web API :) and currently work for an NHS Trust in the North West of England.

Just to announce myself really by logging on to these forums which I guess will be very helpful. Hopefully once I am up to speed I can contribute accordingly.

Look forward to speaking to you all shortly.

Have fun!