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HTTP Error

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HTTP Error


We have Integrated HP Open View Operation 8.x with HPSD4.5( Service Pack 13). Integration was working fine for quite some time and it has stopped now. Now we try to log a incident manually, even manually from the command prompt also we are getting an error message "Could not connect to the application server. Check the HTTP setting in the Server".

we have not done any chnages on HTTP setting..

Any Inputs will be great help !

Thanks & Regards,
Praveen Janardhan
Michael Lutfi
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Re: HTTP Error

what other changes have you done recently like has anyone upgraded the Java version anywhere????
George M. Meneg
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Re: HTTP Error

Hello Praveen,

Is the port 30980 (or the port defined at the group "HTTP" of the server_settings.xml)
of the application server accessible from the OVO server ?

If no integration will fail since sd_event uses HTTP instead of ITP for connecting with the service desk application server.
menes fhtagn
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Re: HTTP Error

Hi Praveen,

Try restarting the http services, eg. apache, tomcat on the SD server and the OVO server.