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Graham Strydom
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We are running Hp Service Desk 5.1 and are have intermittent performance problems.

As a start I have set the JAVA allocated memory in the ovobserver.bat file to;

"-XX:MaxNewSize=128M -XX:NewSize=128M -Xms512M -Xmx2048M"

But I still receive the following error in the log file;

"com.hp.ov.obs;WARNING;JVM uses 532,742,144/532,742,144= 100% of maximum memory (total/max) of which 47,412,872/532,742,144= 8% is free (free/total)."

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Hi Graham,

I am not sure on this exact message but you cannot allocate 2048. It is a Java limitation. It is about 1.25 gig max (not sure of exact number. I set mine to 1024.
Are you setting this on the server or workstation? If the server I would set both xms and xmx to 1024. This way you do not have to worry about overhead from re-sizing. Other items to look at on the server side are:
- number of scheduled tasks in the queue. HP recommended to me a max of 5000 tasks per physical server.
- query restrictions. Set to 500 - 1000
- look at rules that fire on form load.

As we only have one physical server at the moment I configured a second server instance (you need 4GB ram on the server to do this). This did help with performance.

How many users do you have connecting? What are your server specs? What SP are you on?

We have also experianced intermittent issues on random clients but have not been able to pin anything do as yet. This that being said, XP SP2 with only 512mb ram is a bad idea. You need an minimum of 1GB on the client.

Good Luck...Andrew