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HPSD Data Exchange


HPSD Data Exchange

Does anyone have examples of using HPSD DataExchange to Create Changes and related Work Orders?
The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: HPSD Data Exchange

Not really but... what are you trying to accomplish?

If the Change records will all have the same type set of Work Orders, you can let a template do that for you.

If the Change records will all have different Work Orders, then you need to import the Changes first, then the Work Orders and finally the corresponding relationships.

Hope this helps.
Points are welcome.

The Pike

Re: HPSD Data Exchange

I have hundreds of PCs to install.
Each PC needs 1 Change Request and 3 different Work Orders created. WOs must be related to Changs, as we don't allow standalone WOs.

I'd like to feed an excel list of PC names to SD via Data Exchange using Templates and Excel supplied data to create and relate the above mentioned tickets.

I can use SD Data Exchange to Create Changes.
I can use SD Data Exchange to Create WOs.
I've just never been able to use a single instance of the Data Exchange process to create both the Changes and the WOs and to Relate the two. However, I think it is possible.

I was hoping that someone had been there, done that and could send me the tee-shirt.

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