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HPSD 5.1 Service Page Installation

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HPSD 5.1 Service Page Installation


I am facing an issue in installing Service Pages of HP Open View Service Desk 5.1 ..

I am able to Install the Appliation server without any error(GUI Client is working fine).

When I start the services of the Application services "ovtomcatA(Tomcat(A) Servlet service) is Aborted".

During the service Pages installation,I am getting a error message:"Component package Installation command has returned a non zero error code(Component package Installation for HpOvSdSp 5.10.042 has failed)".

However on the windows services of "Tomcat(A) Servlet" service is running fine ..

Any Guess on the issue ...

Thanks & Regards,
Praveen Janardhan
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Re: HPSD 5.1 Service Page Installation

Hi Praveen,

I had recently installed Service Pages and had no issues with it. Could you try stopping all the OV services and try re-installing. If unsuccessful, please paste the whole error log.

Daniel T Walmsl
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Re: HPSD 5.1 Service Page Installation

Hi Praveen

I had similar issues with our installation of SD 5.1. If you are using an Oracle 10g database stop all the ov services and set them to manual start. Wait for the oracle data base to start when you reboot the server and start the ov services manually.
c:\Program Files\HP OpenView\bin ovc -start

Hope it helps