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HPSD 4.5 sp17 email attachments problem

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HPSD 4.5 sp17 email attachments problem


The following problem may well need a support call to HP - before doing so, I thought it wise to ask the ITRC.

We've made use of the 4.5 SP7 feature that allows Attachments to be Classified and then included on database rule generated emails.

My initial testing of this feature was very positive. However the feature seems to have stopped working! Basically, the emails just arrive without attachments (even though this did used to work).

Curiously, the Test button on the system panel->email tab generates an attachment. And IT STILL WORKS!

We've asked our email team to look for reasons that the attachments might be stripped out in transit through an smtp relay - no luck.

Here is a section of the log. To me, it looks like service desk thinks the attachment is being sent. Any ideas are most welcome!

thanks in advance

Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 Send mail to:
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 Server : port: 25
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 From :
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 From alias : ServiceDesk
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 Reply to :
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 CC :
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 BCC :
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 Subject : Queensland Health - Request #
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 Attachment : shoot straight you bastards.txt of Workorder 281488609919494 (Attachment Classification Code: Testing Only)
Mon, 19/06/2006 13:44:40 Body :
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Rach Pepperdine
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Re: HPSD 4.5 sp17 email attachments problem


Have you checked that you can make attachments in a Service Call? This would confirm you have the attachment FTP server set up correctly.

Also, try sending the mails as rich text only and not HTML. We've had that issue in the past.

Hope this helps
Optus Alphawest
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Re: HPSD 4.5 sp17 email attachments problem

I've picked this up from Ben,
can you clarify how you can set the format to rich text rather than HTML, I can't find in HPSD where this is set?
Jonathon Druce
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Re: HPSD 4.5 sp17 email attachments problem

There wasn't a change in the attachments - ftp server setup was there. Something like changing to or from passive ftp? Do you have incoming emails enabled and if so can you send attachments in from these. The log show the email going outside your domain, have you tested within the domain? No changes made to the SMTP server that SD sends to?