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HPSD 4.5 SP9 Locking Up


HPSD 4.5 SP9 Locking Up

Looking for some advice on troubleshooting HPSD Client lockups.

Seems to be after one or more of the following scenarios:

-Long period of not using the client (working elsewhere in other applications)

-Performing Advanced Finds (not any pattern, just some times)

-Opening Service Calls or Change Records

There is no pattern to a specific Service Call, View, etc. the client just stops responding.

I have to kill jview.exe and sdlaunch.exe and start over. Even then, sometimes after entering my username and password, the client will not start but I can see jview.exe and sdlaunch.exe in the Task Manager. I have to kill them again and start over.

We do keep current on our XP critical security patches but I have not seen anything in the forum that would indicate any issues there.

This is not happening on just my PC but other users are experiencing the problem, all are remote (e.g. over a WAN) that have the problem.

We have checked bandwidth and that does not seem to be an issue.

I checked the logclient.txt but did not find anything there either.

Any good suggestions on more in-depth troubleshooting of the client?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Jonathon Druce
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: HPSD 4.5 SP9 Locking Up

Unlikely to be the cause but what is in the database table res_servers? There isn't an entry for a non-existent or test server is there?

Re: HPSD 4.5 SP9 Locking Up


No; just our production server as far as I know. We have been running this installation for over 2 years and had similar problems at sites that had highly utilized WAN links but everything has been good for some time. Just started this.
Tim Schmitt_4
Honored Contributor.

Re: HPSD 4.5 SP9 Locking Up

When the system hangs, is it just one windows that hangs or is the entire application frozen. For example, if there is a service call open, is both the main window and service call frozen or just the service call?

Re: HPSD 4.5 SP9 Locking Up


It is the entire application.

For example, if it happens to lock up when I am trying to do an Advanced Find, then when I try to click on the main Service Desk window, it will not respond. The same is true if I am working in an open Change or Service Call when it happens. The entire Service Desk application becomes unusable.