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HPSC6.22 client would not start

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HPSC6.22 client would not start


Unfortunately, I do not have a screenshot or the full error message right now but I give it a try anyway.

After installing the ServiceCenter 6.22 client in a Windows XP Professional SP2 machine, if the user launching the recently installed client is not member of the local administrator group, the client would not start. Just the splash screen and a pop-up telling that the service is already started and cannot be started twice appears.

Once the user is member of the local admin group, everything works as a charm

My guess is that the user needs to have some kind of special permission to some working folder??? anybody has any info on this?

We are about to start client deployment in our organization and having to make every single potential operator a local admin is a concern

Jonathon Druce
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Re: HPSC6.22 client would not start

Assuming you are installing in the default location - I think the client needs to have write access to C:\Program Files\Peregrine Systems\ServiceCenter 6.2\Client\workspace\.metadata directory as that is where the log file is stored. See if changing permission on that directory helps.