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HPOVSD SP16 on Citrix

Roderick De Guz
Super Contributor.

HPOVSD SP16 on Citrix


Currently running HPOVSD via Citrix and wanted to see if the functionality is the same.

From what I can see, attachments do not work. Has anyone come across this before? I can view attachments, but not actually drag them into the record to be saved.

In addition, if users had specific views and settings, how can Citrix ensure that each user is treated differently as per each user's settings. Any ideas?
Chris Bailey_3
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Re: HPOVSD SP16 on Citrix


In our Citrix environment, creating attachments have never worked. This has been true for us since SP8 on, and is due to the FTP architecture of SD attachments I believe.

As far as personal views, I regret that I don't have a real answer there either. Everyone will modify the same local "views.dat" file by default, so short of a script that swaps the .dat file to each user's personal file and archives the other, I'm not sure how you can do this.